SW Maps 2.0.0

Released 6 May 2018

SW Maps 2.0 comes with many new features and major performance and stability improvements

  • Support for WMS and GeoJSON Layers
  • Export as GeoJSON
  • Advanced export dialog for exporting KMZ, Shapefiles and GeoJSON. Individual layers can now be selected for export.
  • Zoom to project extents
  • Improved editing functionality for drawn features. Vertices can now be inserted in line and polygon features
  • Improved GPS Skyplot with better support for BeiDou, QZSS and Galileo satellites
  • Import projects and templates from within the app.
  • Log Bluetooth GPS data for post processing
  • Location marker for external GPS without mock location
  • Improved tile layer rendering (mbtiles, OSM, WMS, XYZ, TMS)
  • USB GPS Connection
Note: Projects will be upgraded to the new swm2 format on first run. Applications utilizing the swmaps and swmz formats will need to upgrade to swm2.